3 May 2011

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Dramatic ness. President Obama announced last night Usama Bin Laden, the erstwhile head of Al Qaeda – responsible for many tragic incidents including the destruction of the twin towers in New York on September 11, 2001,- had been shot by a small specialised group of American type commandos who raided his stronghold in Abbottabad ,Pakistan

The rather mysterious aspect of this whole thing is that they said they were only 99.9% sure that it was Bin Laden and there are no photographs of the body instead have yet been released-apparently he was a gory sight and the Americans did not want to inflame the Muslims by displaying it. Then, bizarrely, they took the body out to sea and after washing the body, in accordance with the Muslim custom, apparently gently lowered it into the water. Why the hurry to dispose of the body of the most wanted man in the world, particularly, from the Americans who have not always used the most sensitive approach to their enemies in the past. Of course, this has caused all sorts of questions about conspiracy theories, in particular as the Pakistani government were apparently totally unaware that Bin Laden was living in luxury in a especially constructive heavily reinforced Villa, with 18 feet high walls around it, only a couple of kilometres from an major military establishment and near a large conurbation. I hope to goodness it was really Bin Laden otherwise Pres Obama will have a lot of egg on his face! Okay one down and how many to go? Syria next? Then Bahrain? What about Saudi Arabia? Indeed where does this sort of tactic end? It is indeed a moral dilemma

Tuesday’s come round again, after two long holiday weekend’s and I was off to the golf club for my drive around and lunch. This week as Griggsy was in Spain he had very kindly arranged for Karl Creasey to be my driver. Karl looked after me beautifully and produced all sorts of rugs,,coats and things to ensure that I was not cold as there was a very chilly north-east wind blowing. Barry and Scott between them did their usual efficient transfer from car to wheelchair and back.

I got back in time for Althea to cut my hand and toenails before she goes off in a motorhome to France for a holiday. Barry turned out again at 10 p.m. to help me out of my chair. I hope we managed to put something more permanent imposition when Lynne come to see us tomorrow.


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