5 May 2011

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I think we made a mistake with the ladies from Continuing Care. Although we were ready at 7.30 they didn’t appear, I can only think that we misunderstood the arrangement. No doubt it will be sorted out today..

The second mistake was over lunch. I was due to have lunch with a friend at the Cricketers, next door. (No names no pack drill!). 12.30 came but no friend, so ‘my lovely’ dressed me up in my cloak and hat and wheeled me round to the pub thinking perhaps he expected to meet me there. As the weather forecast had promised a sunny day I had booked a table outside where I was parked in my wheelchair. Having furnished me with a small cigar ‘ my lovely’ rushed back to the house to ring my missing friend – no reply. Back she came by which time it was raining so we made our apologies to the pub and I was wheeled home. 10 min or so after I had been settled back in my study chair-with the help of our new neighbour Luke – who is back building his new bungalow – and then my friend arrived, covered in embarrassment, shamefully admitting that he had completely forgotten about our appointment. We assured him that it couldn’t matter less. We have all done it, even before we got old and dippy. I remember once arranging to play golf with two different people on the same day, in, error,and arriving on the first tee to see them both before I realised my mistake. I had no choice but to suggest they played together and I went home.

Alice met one of the new Continuing Care nurses in the local shop and it seems that they are unlikely to start until tomorrow evening-something to do with completing the paperwork, so it means calling on Barry again for the evening run.

The Americans have now decided that the 99.9% certainty about who they shot is now 100%, it was Bin Laden. However, they have decided that they were not show the world any photographs of the body, which naturally makes people very suspicious. Presumably the head was too badly damaged by the gunshot wound and site of their leader in such a state might inflame the Muslim population. The whole business as to why they shot an unarmed man and where on earth were all the guards who were earlier engaged in the gun battle with the Americans prior to the them entering Bin Laden’s bedroom, is all a little bit of a mystery. There is now a big row erupting as to whether they infringed Bin Ladin’s human rights when they’ gently dropped these newly washed body into the sea’ without first informing his relatives!

I know I said we would have no more royal wedding material but the following video was sent to me on the grounds that it was inspirational concerning creation and all the good things in life. In order to redress the balance of my recent comments about evolution and atheism I offer all those readers of mine who are believers this rather mushy video. Be sure your speakers are on.



  • Paula Barnard says:

    Hello Mark. Have just returned to your diary after a few weeks of not logging on. I don’t know why, maybe because I have been spending so much time in the garden during the hot weather and today it is quite cold. Anyway I was sorry to hear that your expected visit from the caring at home team didn’t materialise regarding paperwork. As I cared for my husband, who sadly died in November from MND, I often wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t have been here, a bit like your lovely wife and your friends. Would you or my husband have been left sitting in their chairs for two days whilst the paperwork was done. I think not and feel those who manage and cope are left to get on with it! Sorry to moan but it touched a raw nerve I think. Actually had a lovely w/e in Leicestershire at my youngest sons engagement party. His Dad would have loved it all and liked his fiancee very much. My son and friends are all getting together to train for the london Marathon next year to raise funds for the MND Association.Thought I would end on a higher note! Take care and I think about you both a lot. Paula Barnard.

  • DMC says:

    Dear Paula

    how very kind of you to take the trouble to comment on the blog. (By the end of June it should go through the 1.4 million hits mark. With leaders like yourself only lovely in weeks apart it has been estimated that there could be anything up to 30,000/50,000 regular readers so presumably doing some good somewhere.

    Congratulations on your fundraising efforts only wish I could join you.

    Do drop me a comment from time to time as your experience is absolutely invaluable to other carers are going through the same painful process.

    Best wishes


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