14 May 2011

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Late last afternoon an enormous bouquet of flowers arrived from Alice from Richard, as yet another thank you for arranging for him and my mother to be driven down from Shropshire to come here for lunch. I think Richard must have been something of a dark horse as a young man, every girl’s dream, flowers, chocolates and the works. I always thought he had a twinkle in his eye!

Barry and wife Denise – who conveniently happens to be a care home manager – came this afternoon to discuss what we would need to take with us to Cornwall for the wedding. It’s going to be quite set out for us without any of our mechanical hoisting equipment but between the three of them I’m sure they will manage. Barry is particularly good at hoiking me around. However, the 6/7 hour car journey may be a bit of a trial particularly with loo stops? We have been counting down the weeks for this wedding so hopefully nothing but now interfere with those plans

I had helped to brave the elements today in my electric wheelchair after all the fuss we have had over the past few days getting it right, however, we both thought it was a little too cold to go out, particularly as short, sharp, heavy showers were forecast. As usual the weather people got it wrong and it remained sunny all day. However, there’s always tomorrow.

Watched a little of the Masters Tennis from Rome; read a little; made a few phone calls to my friends and generally whiled away the day quite happily until Carla came round at 9.30 to see me through to the bed.



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