20 May 2011

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Started the day with a wheelchair shower administered very ably by Sally, from Ross Nursing. All worked very well and we only had to use the standing hoist once to move me from the wheelchair to sit on the bed to be dressed. The shower was.very welcome as we have been rather sparse on the showers until we find out about our Continuing Care as ‘my lovely’ can no longer manage on her own.

A bright fresh sunny day. Certainly one for the garden in my new toy.my electric wheelchair. Mick is still here, of course, and were joined at lunchtime by my darling daughter Chloe, who is going camping with the church group tomorrow and therefore cannot be here to celebrate her mother’s birthday. A flying visit as she has picked up Lara from school but a very welcome one nevertheless..#

We watched the King’s Speech film in the evening that all the fuss has be made about recently. We certainly enjoyed it but I’m not sure that we would have rated it quite as highly as the film world did. It rather brushed over traumatic event of the abdication and the family’s reactions to it, which must have had a greater impact on the new king the new then you would glean from watching this film.

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