26 May 2011

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Unbelievably, this morning I received a call from the West Essex PCT asking me where I was?. Apparently I was meant to present myself in front of the Continuing Care committee, or at least been invited to do so. When I told the West Essex PCT representative that I had been told of this opportunity she said I could have sent someone to represent me. Again, I could tell her that this option was not offered to me. However, she pointed out that neither were mandatory and therefore they would go ahead on the paperwork only. I must say I am very disappointed that this matter seems to have been so badly handled and if I am turned down having. Not had the opportunity of being heard or sending a representative, I shall certainly make a fuss.


Despite that late morning call there was no for further call from the West Essex PCT which I might have expected had we been successful. I shall have to chase them up tomorrow. In the meantime Alice has been gathering together the bits and pieces that we will need to take with us to Cornwall when we leave tomorrow for my nieces wedding.

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  • Mark
    Re. your problem turning in bed.
    How about trying two orthopaedic cages on top- one over feet and legs and one over the chest area. May I suggest you try a warm, lightweight, cashmire rug /throw over your feet / legs and chest area beneath the cages. Do you wear cashmire socks in bed? Trying to work out how you can acquire some traction. What might be best , silk nightshirt or pyjamas-?
    Your Blog is such an inspiration to others.
    Good Wishes

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