27 May 2011

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Disaster struck this morning.’ My lovely’, who had been feeling a little off-colour for a day or two, had a severe liver attack and was so ill she was unable to even contemplate making the journey to Cornwall for the marriage of our niece, Augustus Grand (Gus) to Desmond Hobson (Des). Dear Harriet, from Ross Nursing, leapt to the rescue and came round leaving her half finished breakfast on the table and took charge. After some consultation with Alice she begged me to go to the wedding to represent the family and, at least, knowing that way she could spend a couple of days, perhaps in bed, recovery has strength, reluctantly I agreed as I felt the rest for her would be beneficial and frankly there was nothing I could do ,in any event, as well as the fact that under those circumstances I would have needed a 24/7 nurse on hand to attend to my personal needs. On balance then the wedding seemed the best option.


None of this would be possible without the services of Barry and Denise who were absolutely wonderful in getting me in and out of the car, feeding me and attending to my lavatory needs. I really don’t think we could find any other couple who could perform these tasks so efficiently and with such care.


The journey down was uneventful enough except that we got snarled up in traffic coming towards Bristol which made our arrival rather late. As it was important that Denise got some food inside her for her diabetes I suggested that they got a snack of the local pub after dropping me off with Tor and family who were fortuitously just about to sit down to supper to which they kindly invited me (not really having much choice) but, in any event, with my dear sister-in-law’s anyone could turn up at any time of the day or night and still be assured of a warm welcome. What was so nice for me was not a me seeing the bride Augusta but also her friends – the two girls who were her bridesmaids at our first wedding 20 odd years ago, Lavinia and Tabitha and their now married appendages, Mike and Andrew. More importantly I was able to spend a few moments with my dear mother-in-law (have I said 100 times she will be 100 in September). Of course she was very sorry that Alice didn’t make it but I’m sure was pleased that I was there to represent our part of the family.


Barry and Denise returned around the 11ish, having had some fish and chips, and brought me back to the Olde House, where we had booked accommodation, which was only a mile or so from my brother and sister-in-law. In the meantime, Barry and Denise had very kindly unpack the car, made my bed and set things up and it took no time at all to get me into bed with the respirator on an. And so ended what could have been an utterly disastrous day, with some degree of satisfaction.

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