31 May 2011

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Tuesday, so it must be geriatric golf day. George, from Ollie’s Friendly Wheelchair Taxis, picked me up and, like last week, all went like clockwork. I’m getting more confident now driving it around the golf course in my electric wheelchair on the rather rough ground, taking great care to avoid the steep slopes, or at least straightening up and going down and up and not across them.

The usual gang were there, Griggsy- back from Spain – John Gray, Alex Sexton, Uncle Tom Cobly and all. Great fun as usual but sorry to learn that there is no game next week. I was a little concerned to discover that Woody’s bowl had a green slimy bottom. Clearly no one is taking responsibility for keeping it clean and filled with fresh water and must make some new arrangements.

Today we received a very welcome confirmation from the West Sussex PCT that I have been approved for 100% Continuing Care to be reviewed in 12 weeks time. All it needs now is for us to agree the daily schedule with Harriet.

I am heartily relieved as this will certainly take a little of the pressure from ‘my lovely’ who for the past year has wonderfully cared for me virtually single-handed apart from getting assistance in lifting me up from the study chair and the wheelchair. With all these horrendous stories appearing in the. National newspapers about mentally incapacitated patients being so badly treated that it amounts to torture, I realise how extremely fortunate I am in having such a loving tender and caring wife.

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