1 June 2011

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Poor’ ‘Jane the sheep’ seems to be suffering from the same problem that prevented ‘my lovely’ from attending Gus’s wedding. As this was Wednesday and Jane’s day to be here to babysit me, she sent her lodger, Paul, who fortuitously, works with his brother just around the corner. Even more fortunately for me, Paul is a computer geek so we spent the entire afternoon messing about with my computer, downloading the odd free programme and trying out new ideas for my blog. All great fun. I certainly do not wish Jane any ill but I shall be delighted to see Paul here from time to time.

In the meantime ‘my lovely’ had spent the afternoon at a memorial service for the husband of one of our best friends which she would not have missed the world, so it was a win-win situation all-round.

Our boy Murray played a stormer in the quarter-finals of the French Tennis Open to get into the semifinals.

Now here’s a naughty bit of fun for you, if you like this there are lots of others which you can access from the same URL


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