7 June 2011

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Harriet came round last night but had been unable to get hold of the district nurse so could still not agree precisely what they could do for us as she has to find out first how many hours have been approved. She was however fairly confident that whatever we get it will be backdated from 26 May and possibly, if we are very lucky, from the date we made the application

In any event, we started our new regime yesterday with the girls coming in early morning to give me a shower and dress me and ultimately get me into my study chair using the hoist. I spoke to a colleague of our Neuro Physio, Mel-who is away on annual leave-and she said looking at Mel’s notes it was quite clear that she was advising me not to walk again as she considered that my legs were too weak. That was a month or so ago when she provided the little straps for my feet that lifted the toes off the ground and saved me dragging my feet.

For the sake of completeness I ought to bring the readers up-to-date on the cricket. After England’s 486 in their first innings Sri Lanka managed to get to 479.

Play was on and off for the next three days due to bad weather but England batted on in their second innings until declaring after lunch at 373 for 3 and as it turned out there was not enough time to bowl Sri Lanka out, so the match fizzled out as a draw. I suppose the highlight from England’s point of view was Cook’s 106. The next excitement, cricket wise will be the One Day International against Sri Lanka on 3 July

The engineer from Holly’s wheelchairs came yesterday morning and was full of admiration for the ingenious way that we had rigged up the jubilee clip as a temporary repair to the electric wheelchair. The broken part is quite small and he has agreed to post it to us and I will get someone to screwed it into place which will save them another visit. I am heartily relieved that they did not need to take the electric wheelchair back to the workshop which would have deprived me of its use for heaven knows how long.

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