8 June 2011

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A hectic day. Shortly after the girls left after showering undressing me somebody came to service the hoist. Once in my study I tried to update my blog and found that the new version of Dragon was simply not functioning properly so it was necessary to get onto Microlink. While Carl, from that company, was sorting out my computer, I received five outside telephone calls from various medical people about appointments etc. Then the’ tummy rubbing lady’ arrived to do her stuff. I really believe that this aromatherapist, Karen, is making a difference to my bloated tummy and it would be interesting to see how much improvement is made once we get the nurses to do it twice a day as well as in the early morning by’ my lovely’. Then Harriet arrived to inform Alice that power continuing care entitlement was to half hours per day so we are now in a position to work out some sort of regular schedule. Then, at 1 AM,’ Jane the sheep’ arrived for her babysitting stint while Alice went shopping.

For the moment we have cut out the midday and six o’clock calls which were specifically to give me a short walk. Without that requirement we will have to work out some other task, such as putting me into the wheelchair otherwise I’ll find myself stuck in this study chair for 14 hours a day, which apart from being tedious will not do my body a great deal of good.

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