11 June 2011

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Sadly the splint which Lynne made for my right hand does not really work very effectively, even in conjunction with the articulated armrests.

The whole thing is far too awkward to manipulate, so for the time being I will have to continue leaning over to the right and using my left finger splint

Last night the girl, Natasha, a new one to us, turned up at nine o’clock to put me to bed and I was very grumpy. For heavens sake, 9.30 is early enough but 9.00 o’clock is ridiculous. I felt rather sorry for poor Natasha after she left having had her first exposure to me as a grumpy old man. I shall have to be extra nice to her tonight..

It is the open garden weekend in Clavering and for years now ‘my lovely’ has made up 20 or so little lavender posies which are sold to boost the funds of the National Gardens charity. They always go well and this year hopefully will be no different. Although our own garden is very colourful and attractive, despite our very long serving gardener Peter, at this time of year the weeds are a battle to keep down and might confuse the true cultural aficionados when looking out from rare flowers! For that reason we have never been audacious enough to open our own garden to the public..





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