13 June 2011

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Yesterday, was my quarterly assessment at Papworth Hospital. I went through all the usual sniff and blow tests and was not surprised to find that my Forced Vital Capacity had gone down from 49 to 42, a drop of around 15%. I’m not sure how that translates in terms of volume capacity of my lungs, which was previously 34%. No doubt I will know more when they full report comes through. According to the doctor. most of the other tests were pretty much the same.

Michael (Dr Michael Davies)) did not seem at all concerned about the fall in my FVC, certainly nothing to get concernrd about yet, although he did give me a second respirator (Nippy 3+) to keep by me in the study.. in case of emergencies, They also gave me a new mask that just fits over my nose, which is obviously more comfortable than the full face mask but it does rely on keeping one’s mouth shut at night so there is an additional strap that goes under the chin and over the head to ensure that you do not open your mouth whilst asleep. I shall be interested to see if I can manage with this new mark..

I started watching the final of the tennis at the Queens Club, whilst I was waiting for the ambulance to take me home and then was able to watch the last set on my own television. I was very pleased to see Murray win, albeit not ihas easily but it augurs well for Wimbledon in a couple of weeks time.

I spent most of the afternoon on the telephone to Microlink tried to sort out the problems with my laptop which has never been right since I installed the latest version of Dragon. In the end we decided that it all had to do with the Buddy Gooseneck microphone which do not appear to be working. Having changed that for another microphone. I then discovered that it would not work in Word so I am in for another session tomorrow-all very exhausting.

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