17 June 2011

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I did receive a call at nine o’clock this morning from another very helpful technician from Nuance, the Dragon people. We spent an hour together before I had to go off in my Ollie Wheelchair Taxi to the golf club. I left him in charge of my laptop in the hope that he could resolve my problem which he seemed confident he could do. He did say, however, during our session that it would help to speed things up if I had a larger system desk. The present one is 30 gigs with 17.4 gigs free, which I would have thought was adequate. The data is stored on another 250 gig disc on which there is very little used.

The purpose of my visit to the golf club today was as a guest for lunch at the annual match against the HAC (The Honourable Artillery Company) who are apparently the oldest regiment in England. I have played in this match for well over 10 years so it was great fun to catch up with a lot of old friends. I arrived around 11-OO and found my old pal, Bob Lederman, reading a newspaper-apparently he was only going to play in the afternoon-so he accompanied me around the course where we went round hither and thither meeting various foursomes and having a chat. The electric wheelchair works well enough on the course, even in the rough, provided one takes it gently. I did dip into one hole and almost turned the chair over but apart from that the progress around the course was uneventful.

It was not a particularly nice day, rather chilly, and overcast, which is such a pity aer the wonderful weather we have had earlier in the year. Nevertheless, I did manage to sit outside for a while chatting to various people and enjoying a glass of champagne and a small cigar.

When I arrived home and tried out my laptop. I found it the voice activation problem was still there. Being it was sod’s law that it was Friday night so there was now no way I could get this fixed before Monday morning so I had to face another thoroughly frustrating weekend. Bloody computers!!

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