19 June 2011

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Thank heavens the weather has taken a turn for the better as we had Andy and Delia Schneider from Coburg in Germany, to lunch. They are old friends of Dr Michael, right don’t get many other cases in Sweden in August. Andy is a leading anaesthetist and Delia a talented musician, in fact, she very kindly brought me a copy of her first CD. They brought with them two of their five children, the boys ,Nils and Adrian. Although changeable and threatening to rain from time to time we did manage to brave it out for lunch in the garden.


Nils, who likes, grandson Sebastien, shares a love of the drums and both are taking lessons, tore around like a caged animal that had been left out after a long period of inactivity. He handled the croquet hoops, somersaulted and tumbled about on the grass, and despite the rather cool weather, having removed most of his clothes and his shoes and socks. Wake up, he likes to feel the grass between his toes.. He contented himself with messing about with the football and tennis balls. In other words the activities of a very normal, healthy little boy. Adrian, in the meantime, played a more singular game hidden deep into the jungle of bushes and trees. We could hear the breaking of branches and twigs from time to time apparently he was making some sort of tree house. Although we were never invited to see it. I had been able to go out in my electric wheelchair and move around the garden with them which was so much more satisfactory than the mobile chair. I suppose the only snag is that is I have to stay in until the six o’clock carers come to voicemail into my study chair.


It was great to catch up with this lovely family. having last seen them in August, in Loa in Sweden complete with the three girls,, on what, I suppose I must accept, will be the last of my overseas travels. I know that I am just too much of a liability even for the good Dr Michael. We really cannot now manage without a hoist.


‘My lovely/excelled herself over lunch, which we washed down with a bottle of champagne and some white wine. The Schneiders, like all good guests, did not linger too long, in fact, they left a little earlier than I would have liked, but then they are only in England for three days and it was the first time for the boys. I hope they’ll come again when Chloe and family are here as the three children, including theit little girl Laura, pretty well match the ages of our three grandchildren..

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