27 June 2011

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A pretty hectic day for a Monday. First thing, I had a real problem trying to publish my blog entry. I tried for around three hours and could not resolve the problem so called on the services of that ever willing Paul, who fortunately was working just across the road. It even took him about an hour and a half to find out that somehow a Table of Contents had worked its way into the formatting.

Fortunately we had put off the midday visit, from our carers to 1.30, instead of the normal midday, which was just about the time Paul finished and almost precisely when our lunch guests arrived, an hour late, having been held up in heavy traffic from London. The visitors were Monti, the popstar/ cum photographer, who came to make the DVD which will appear at the front of this blog shortly, in place of all the wordy introduction. I was amazed at the professional equipment that Monti brought with him;. light umbrellas and a great variety. .of lenses, some for his still cameras and the others for his video cameras. All for this 4/5 min long introductory DVD. I am so lucky to have such great friends with terrific skills in their particular fields who are always seemingly only too happy to do things for me however busy they are with their own affairs ..

I knew that Monti was bringing his little 22 month son, Baxter, with him with a nanny in tow, but was delighted, when the car arrived, and wife Karyl emerged. She is a very dear old friend – of Aussie origin- I have done many things over the past few years with her including the magnificent production of The Frisian Chip Case, in Budapest . Karyl is a big time international lawyer and seems to work at all hours of the day and night, particularly as a number of her cases involve American clients, however today she was just Baxter’s mum today and it was great to see her relaxing on the deck chair in the garden. ‘My lovely’sensibly did a simple picnic lunch in the garden finishing with some of Judith’s Lemon drizzle cake covered in strawberries and cream. Fortunately we were able to get our filming over quite quickly and I have no doubt that the results will be stunning as everything that Monti does is of the highest quality. Hopefully we will see the result on this blog within the next two or three weeks.

It was an extremely hot day so sensibly Karyl, Monti and co left mid-afternoon, so as not get caught up in heavy traffic going home. I had had enough of the garden by then so went in to watch Murray creaming his way through into the quarter-finals, in three straight sets over the Frenchman Gasquet.. In fact, it was quite an exciting afternoon and early evening session of tennis. First of all both of the Williams sisters were knocked out as was the women top seed, Caroline Wozniacki. I think the most exciting match of the day was between Nadal and Del Potro – the former US open tennis champion who has been out of the game for a while through injury.

It was anybody’s game right up to the last stroke, nearly 4 hours of amazing tennis with Nadal just sneaking ahead at the end of the fifth set to get into the quarter-finals yet again.

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