28 June 2011

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Being Tuesday it was meant to be a golf day for me, but the weather forecast was unclear and following the very hot weather there was high chance of some short heavy thundery showers. I really felt I could not risk it in my electric wheelchair. I think I will ask the wheelchair people’s permission to clamp or weld a vertical, tube, onto the chair, into which I can place an umbrella. I looked out of the window, most of the morning, praying that I would see some heavy downfall but in the event it stayed dry and I could have gone after all. However, I have had quite a lot of excitement over the last few days so a quiet day at home was not going to do me any harm

I heard today, from, Patterson Medical, one of the last medical companies to which I submitted my Mitt Wipe. Sadly, it does not fall within the ‘core portfolio’. In other words yet another rejection. One more to go and I shall have to abandon the idea.

I’m still waiting to hear from my son-in-law as to whether or not I would be wise or foolish to pursue the crooked dentist by seeking a Judicial Review on behalf of all the other elderly and disabled legal that this man is cheating by claiming to have done work which she clearly is not done. It’s really all about the risk of me losing and having to pay the costs of the other side

with the heavily thundery rain, the matches at Wimbledon were curtailed and most of the action took place on the Centre Court. It was basically ladies day and it now looks as though Sharipova is favourite to win the championship. Whilst on sporting topics I should mention that England had a decisive win against Sri Lanka, at the Oval, in a rain affected One-Day International. Winning by by an impressive 110 runs in a match reduced to 32 overs per side – an impressive win. I’m looking forward to going to Lord’s , on Sunday, to see the next ODI against Sri Lanka.



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