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Men’s semi-final day at Wimbledon, fortunately a beautifully bright dry sunny day so there was no interruption from rain. However, these two matches did not start until the afternoon and in the meantime, early-morning I had an appointment for another remote assist session with the Dragon voice activation people as this latest version is simply not working as a efficient as the previous ones. For the second time running the Dragon people miss the appointed time and with out to reschedule it. This is very frustrating. Predictably the tennis authorities tantalisingly kept the Murray match to be played after the first of the semi=finals between Tsonga – who I believe is the dark horse who could win it – and Djokovic.

In the event, Tsonga beat Djokovic and Murray lost to the world number one, Nadal, by three sets to one but it was a very hard fought game. Had he got through Murray would have been the first Englishman in the final since 1936. I’m sure he will make it sometime.

The ‘flying’ Dr. Michael arrived this afternoon from Australia en route to Sweden. He seems to take the enormous amount of flying he does in his stride. For example, he e-mailed me and said that over the past week he has been really busy ranging far to Perth, Brisbane and Sydney plus a few other places like Port Macquarie. Tomorrow, Thursday I am up at 04.30 AM so I can work in Sydney, then back to Melbourne to pack for London. I arrive at Heathrow at about 13.30 on Friday and will then probably train to you and turn up I expect in time for our drink and your cigar. Next day my flight leaves Stansted at 11.15 but then I will be coming back on the 7th as planned.

Piles of reports to do but plan to do those in Sweden.


A pretty punishing schedule for a man who is only a couple of years younger than I am. The reports he refers to are legal medical reports, generally for insurance companies, where claims had been made against them for disability following some sort of accident. I gather on this occasion he has 15 such reports to write. How long he can go on at this pace I know not, but I really would like, my old friend to take life a little easier.

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