4 July 2011

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Another day, another outing, this one to the golf club for the geriatric golf day. SMonday this week instead of Tuesday due to some other match having been arranged for tomorrow. Anyway, it’s probably just as well because today it was fine and sunny, in fact, it was rather too hot (27°C), and tomorrow rain is forecast. Many of the usual gang were the, Griggsy having returned from holiday; John Gray; Karl Creasey et al. Karl, although a relatively new member and therefore a recent friend. has taken it upon himself to look after me, not only fixing up my cigar before lunch but also donning on my apron and feeding me. What a splendid fellow. I have offered to give him a references a carer any time!

When I arrived with George there were four people sitting outside having a pit stop drink after their first ninr holes. I joined them at the same time as the pro-, Richard Beadles, was passing by. I asked him about an umbrella mount which I could attached to my wheelchair in case I got caught out in a shower.

He produced something from his shop but did not have the right clamp to fit it to the chair. As it happened one of the four members sitting there,, Tim Lawson, sparked up and said that he had one in his car which he never used and I would be welcome to it. He very kindly produced it and within seconds it was fitted to the wheelchair. I can now confidently go out on days when the weather is a little uncertain and if I get caught in a shower would be able to be protected with my large umbrella held in this vertical tube mount as, of course, I am unable to hold it myself. What an incredible piece of luck that Tim just happened to be sitting there when I approached the pro and generous offered to give it to me.. Such is the nature of our members. One of the main reasons why I love going to this club.

When I got back, Paul, ‘Jane the sheep’s’ lodger was here to babysit as Jane is on holiday. Paul has been working out a simple way for me to embed videos and pictures into this blog and hopefully when he comes on Wednesday he would have cracked it. In the meantime watch this amazing video about a dog.


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