7 July 2011

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The media storm is now raging over the so-called telephone hacking. Everyone from the Prime Minister and the proprietor of News International, the Australian media mogul, Rupert Murdoch , are condemning the practice as wicked and totally unforgivable. Of course, Murdoch and the editor of the News of the World at the time, are denying any knowledge of the unorthodox methods used by this particular journalist. Of course, there will be a full enquiry into the action of this man and many others involved and I would not be surprised if it is shown that the editor and perhaps others at the top of the pile, knew, or just turned a blind eye to what was going on. There is a suggestion that both police officers and prison warders were being paid for information, such as supplying telephone numbers. We certainly have not heard the last of this particular matter.

The day started with yet another nine o’clock call from the Dragon people. This time, as I was able to give them the code to access my computer, we went straight into the session. Sayana, the softly spoken representative, spent an hour or so tinkering with the Dragon settings in the hope that the programme will be more obedient to my commands in the future. We have scheduled a checkup meeting next Monday morning.

The fourth of the ODI’s against Sri Lanka, produced a decisive victory for England by 10 wickets leaving the series 2 all with the decider next Saturday.

Michael, the flying Dr, arrived back in Sweden this afternoon to spend a couple of days with us to allow Alice to go to Cambridge or London, as she wishes. It was a very kind gesture of his considering he was here only four days ago. We welcomed him with the usual champagne – the least we could do – but no cigar as it was rather chilly and windy outside and if I get it into my electric wheelchair at six o’clock I have to remain in it until the carer comes at 9.30 as Alice has been advised not to use the hoist on her own.

The wife of one of my carers, Craig, had had a baby son, Joshua, a strapping lad of 8 ½. Pounds, two weeks ago. Welcome to this world Joshua. Statistically you will live well into the 21st-century and, God willing into your early hundreds. What sort of world will it be in 100 years hencei ? I can only hazard a guess but I do know that it will be entirely different from the world into which my dear mother-in=law was born into, and, if all goes well, will celebrate her hundredth birthday in two months time .

To see the sort of all electrical gadgets that Joshua and his generation will take as normal as well as futuristic bathrooms, kitchens and offices just click on the icon below and scroll down to see the next picture.


Unfortunately you cannot access this PowerPoint slide yet from this icon but I hope to be able to fix that by next Monday stop

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