11 July 2011

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Being Monday,’ Jane that sheep’ should have been here babysitting me for three hours and so, in the middle of the day. However, as she and her partner John are languishing in deepest Wales, staying in Alice’s cottage, Paul, how lodger, the computer geek, who has become my friend, substituted for her. Consequently Paul and I enjoyed three hours or so messing about with the computer. I’m pretty sure that Paul has now crept a simplified way of embedding pictures and videos into the blog through Word rather than WordPress and he will shortly be able to give me a Mugs Guide so I can put on myself in the future.

I am almost tired, as my readers must be, of repeating the same old problems that I’m having with my Dragon voice activating programme. It is still not right and hears my commands as text. Sayana, the very patient technician at Nuance, rang again this morning and we spent another happy hour or so trying to sort out the problem until she finally gave up and admitted failure. I shall now be referred, once more, to a higher level technician who will try to get to the root of the problem on the next remote assist call.

Heard from Mick that meeting Kate, Sim and the kids had gone smoothly and they are now all safely back in Mick’s lovely lakeside house in Loa. He will return here, on 3 August, for another couple of days en rout to Australia, so I better restock my champagne! He’s certainly has a punishing travel schedule which, even with all my experience, I’m not sure that I could cope with living longer and it does not seem to be doing Mick any harm.

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