29 July 2011

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A quiet-ish day. It was just as well because I had had a bad night with pain in my hip’s and shoulder where there is no longer any flesh. Just skin and bone. I have spoken to.Dr Margaret Saunders who has suggested that I try slow release tramadol at night.

My problems with Dragon are still unresolved and have made yet another ‘remote assist ‘appointment with me next week but in the meantime sent a great list of things for me to send to them in advance of the session. Fortunately, Paul popped round with a new computer lead for me and I was able to get him to deal with Dragon’s request. I’m afraid he was rather blunt in his reply and suggested that to ask someone in the advanced stages of MND to come up with this amount of information was like asking someone in a wheelchair to climb Everest. His words. Not mine, I just hope it does not sour relationship. The technicians have been extremely helpful and patient but the long and the short of it is that where I was getting something like 99% accuracy and 100% recognition of commands I’m achieving nothing like that degree of accuracy at present which can be very frustrating. What’s more we have had at least half a dozen sessions on one half hours, so far, trying to resolve this problem.

Speaking of that I do hope that my readers are clicking on these links at the end of the entries. For example, the one on 4 July – the speaking dog- is hilarious, as is the one I added yesterday, dealing with a voice activated lift.. Also, the one, the day before when I showed how the American using 454 bit robotic camera, can pick out any face in the crowd up to about half a mile away. Amazin technology

Paul ‘the omputer ‘(to distinguish him from my other good friend, Paul Newman) has been an absolute star and being immensely helpful with my computer. He is trying to devise a way of me embedding videos, photos and PowerPoint slides, into my blog using Word. This is something that I had had least four sessions with Dragon on, but failed in the end to devise a simple method

Some year or so ago I decided I needed new reading glasses and the optician came to the house and tested my eyes I had known for some time that I have a star cataract on one eye and he confirmed it and said there was little point in new glasses until such times as that had been dealt with. As I am finding it increasingly difficult to read my computer and I see double images on the television, I have asked my GP, Dr Law, to make an appointment for me to have this cataract removed.

Harriott, the head of Ross nursing, whose girls look after me, popped in this afternoon to check out that all was well. She’s had her family over here from Shanghai for the last month and that following a short holiday in Cyprus, so she’s got out of touch. She is a very caring and helpful lady whom we have the comfort of knowing lives only about 500 yards away and would always popping to help us in any emergency. Her girls ‘to a man’are absolutely first-class and all very carefully chosen and trained by Harriet to ensure that they fit in with the rest of the local girls.

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