12 September 2011

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I‘m glad to say that my seriously runny nose was back to normal this morning when I removed the respirator. ‘My lovely ‘seems convinced that it was the result of an allergic reaction to the amount of alcohol that I consumed at Lord’s, however much I tried to convince her that it was a very modest amount! Although it’s an alarming thought that she might well be right. (Aren’t wives always right!) Certainly 10% of the people who take Riluzole do have such an allergic reaction. As I’ve been taking it now for over three years it might well be that I am now joining the 10%.

‘Jane that sheep’ had a bad cold and so her lodger,’Paul the computer’substituted for her this afternoon, I have to be particularly careful about not catching cold as a chest infection apparently could turn to pneumonia and carry me off. Although I was sorry about Janes’s, as it happened , it suited me as Paul is still working on the business of attaching media to the blog so we spent a couple of hours together on this. I think we are nearly there, after which Paul will go back over the last year and tidy up some of my mistakes,

I rang the wheelchair people this afternoon and asked them to hurry up with the provision of the chin control for the wheelchair. With the increasing weakening of my right hand I managed to lose control of the chair yesterday, one of them landing me in a flower bed, and on the second occasion I went round in circles very quickly scattering a number of members at Lord’s, so the sooner I have an alternative way of controlling the chair the better.

If you want to see some amazing futuristic technology, currently being developed in Japan, click here. Again the patient it can take a minute or 2 to load such a big file.

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