31 October 2011

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The day of my cataract operation has arrived. I left home this morning at around 11, complete with my two respirator masks, not knowing whether they would be able to carry out the procedure or not. It was all about lying flat for 30 min or so and their being able to work around the respirators. In the event there was a lot of waiting around, although the operation itself only took about 30 min. We actually lose the nose respirator as the other one was rather bulky and more difficult for them to work around. I was very apprehensive before the operation as the thought of them burning at a cataract with a laser, while I stared into a bright light was pretty scary. I needn’t have worried as there was no pain and I was not in any discomfort at any stage. I came home with a plastic garden over the high which I have to sleep in night for the next week and antibiotic and other drops which have to be administered for four weeks. Other than that the whole thing was a straightforward and I imagine my left I will clear over the next week or so

Our Prime Minister, Cameron, announced yesterday that legislation is going to be introduced to limit, or prevent, altogether, the disgusting pornographic websites which many people think are responsible for some of the horrific, sex, associated murders. We used to have a body called the British Board of Censors whose function it was through classify all of our films under A, for adult, or U for universal. Unfortunately, this Board was abolished due to the voices of the left-wingers who insisted that it was everyone’s human right to watch whatever they want to. Had the Board still been in existence,, no doubt, it may have had some role in what programmes are allowed to be picked up in this country on computers. It would certainly seem to be possible for the government to ban such programmes altogether as we have seen China imposing restrictions on what their population are allowed to see. At the same time as the British Board of Censors there was one wonderful housewife, Mary Whitehouse, who battled tirelessly against violence, sex and pornography on our screens and was the nub of many a joke but would that there were more like her today.

The main problem are the left-wingers who insist that it is everyone’s right to do what wish , including watch anything they desire, however disgusting,, provided it does not harm anyone else, but unfortunately there is no direct evidence that such harm is the result of these dreadful programmes. or at least not sufficient evidence to influence the powers that be to do anything about it. Having said that, there are certainly instances where horrific murders appear to have been inspired by something shown on television.

Talking of the left-wingers. They have been arguing to allow all of those tents on or around the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral to remain there until the occupants decide that they will leave peacefully. In other words, there was to be no forced eviction as such would be infringing the human rights of these non-violent protesters. Of course, I agree that everyone should should have the right to protest peacefully but it should not extend to denying access to our greatest church and disappointing thousands of tourists. What about their human rights? The worm has turned and I believe if the protesters don’t leave peacefully in the next day or two. they will be forcibly removed. In doing so they will undoubtedly resist and possibly attack police and then blame them for any violence which has taken place. It is a lose lose situation as far as the police are concerned, who do a splendid job under such circumstances..

The talk of the UK leaving the European Union seems to have been squashed, for the time being by the vote in the Commons strongly against carrying out a referendum on the subject. I have no doubt that if such a referendum was conducted it would be heavily in favour of us leaving the Union but it is a lot more complicated than just severing our ties with the rest of Europe. I’m greatly in favour of Cameron’s approach. He says that when your neighbour’s house is on fire, the first thing you do is to help them put out the fire and then resolve any differences you might have with them after that.. He likens the present financial difficulties of the Eurozone like the neighbours fire. Let’s get something in place that will secure the future of the Euro and then, by all means, let us attempt to drag back some of the powers which had been taken away from us by the European Parliament. I would certainly like to see our own Supreme Court being the last port of call for all appeals and not leaving the option open to any litigant to go to the European Courts on Justice, – in particular the Court of Human Rights – which is expensive and drags out: what is probably already lengthy litigation. paid for by the British taxpayer. We have had the best judicial system in the world in this country for the past 200 or 300 years and I really don’t see that we should weaken our own position by allowing a large group of disparate judges from all sorts of practically underdeveloped countries, making binding decisions for us.

What more appropriate thing to finish with them to give all my readers an eye test. Click here for a bit of fun Faithfully answer the questions before you look up the answer- no cheating!. You might be interested to know that according to this I am a genius-join the club!


  • Joan says:

    I have just joined your club !!!

  • Christine from BC says:

    OOOh, I made “genius” also….

    So glad to hear you sailed through the cataract surgery.

  • DMC says:

    As if I did not know that already, Christine.

    So far so good with the cataract operation. I have to putting drops for four week when presumably any double vision I have will have corrected itself

    . Best wishes


  • Christine from BC says:

    Before my surgery I had very poor eyesight and as they only do one eye at a time I was quite “off kilter” in the intervening weeks, until the second surgery. Is this the case with you and could it be what is causing your double vision?

    You must be diligent with the drops (says this nurse sternly to you – ha!). The end result will be well worth it, for sure.

  • DMC says:

    Thank you, Christine, for your two messages. Certainly I had taken your advice and am being diligent about my drops. I have only had one I done so far as I do not believe the other cataract is that far gone. So far so good.

    Best wishes


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