17 December 2011

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Paul ‘the computer ‘came round this afternoon and did some absolutely marvellous work on my computer. First of all he fitted a brand-new screen in the laptop, which he had managed to buy for just under £40, which had got damaged at the hospital the other day when an elderly gentleman backed his wheelchair into the bag hanging on the back of wheelchair, which held my laptop. The alternative would have been to send it back to Toshiba, waited probably 4 to 5 weeks, due to the Christmas recess and then had a bill I suspect around £200, whereas with Paul the whole thing was done and dusted in half an hour for a fraction of the cost.

He then helped me with my Excel spread-sheet on which I intend to record the marks for the examination papers, from China, which I have undertaken to mark. (That is if I can find a way with my occupational therapists, Lynnes assistance, to secure a pen in like my curled up hand in order to tick the papers in the appropriate part of the answer and then record the marks in the margin. I had a pretty good idea how we can do it provided I can persuade Lynne who is very good at improvising when she puts her mind to it).

It’s years since I use Excel and I was almost there but could not work out the last little bit. When Paul came he finished it in a thrice. Finally I had some tricky media, to load onto the Media library which again I left to Paul. He is an absolute star and I certainly could not have kept going, with all the problems I’m having with the laptop and Dragon, without Paul’s considerable knowledgee and assistance..

Apart from helping me through my problems that have arisen through Dragon, and indeed helping me to keep going, Paul is always coming up with great ideas. I mentioned to him the other day that I can’t really listen to my iPod music any more because I have to point the remote control precisely at the Bose standalone, on which the iPod is housed Even if I can manage to point it in right direction I find I’ve not got enough strength to press the buttons. So Paul believes he can make me a hand infrared control unit which will enable me to operate the iPod for my laptop. How brilliant is that.? What is so wonderful about this arrangement is that it is a win win situation. Paul’s presence enable Alice to get out and him being here enables me to improve my computer skills. Quite apart from anything else Paul it is very good company. .I am a very lucky fellow.

Another nice surprise today when a bottle of champagne arrived from the eldest of my nephews, William Garton Jones.. I suppose I have rather given the game away about my favourite tipple, so it makes life easy for those kind people who want to give me a present. Champagne is always very acceptable.

We are really swinging into the Christmas spirit in this household. The window sills are already becoming overcrowded with Christmas cards; the turkey has been ordered, a lovely Christmas wreath will be hung on the front door tomorrow and the Christmas tree collected and decorating.. Wonder woman’ Alice has managed to make all the preparations, as usual, and at the same time deal with all her Christmas cards in which she insists on writing a decent note as well as buying and wrapping up presents. I thought this year she might have eased off a bit and dropped a few names from the Christmas card list, but superwoman, Alice starting out with the best of intentions, in the end I suspect included most of the regulars. Why is it that the first half a dozen Christmas cards which come very early are usually from people who you have decided that you can safely leave out this year?

All we need now is an inch or two of snow that we have had over the last few days to complete the chocolate box picture. As always, I am really looking forward to it. I love Christmas.

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