23 December 2011

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‘My lovely’ has seamlessly managed to do all the usual business over Christmas – no fuss and bother. It’s just I you for an hour or two and then she would tell initially being beavering away at Christmas cards letters and presents. The only involvement I had was when my lovely wanted my opinion as to whether a bit together present the pursuit one member of the family are other. It is hard to believe that just one more day and the family will be here. They were actually be sleeping in Trevor Oliver’s smart B&B at our gate. This is a good arrangement is although they will be with us all day ‘My lovely’ will not have to prepare rooms for them. (It’s fascinating to think that what is now Trevor Oliver’s B&B was once the little house which I was offered, shortly after we arrived, when they former owners decided to sell it.

I got a friend of mine to give me an independent market value and as a result offered them £4500. Apparently they thought that I was quite mad and was offering far too much, as a result they did not take of the seriously. In fact they did not believe that it is a genuine offer and sold it to Chris Camp for £2800. Whether this was a stitch up them from the beginning and I offer never reached the ears of the papers I shall never know but he that as it may, the properties slipped through our hands. Not that we ever really wanted it but it seemed sensible to buy as it, was rather like a lodge at our front gate, which we could have used for friends or have let it off or something .Of course, over the years it has been extended upwards and outwards and is now probably worth around £350,000. So it would be an excellent investment)

Coming back to the modern day and this Christmas, Chloe and Kimberly are making themselves responsible for all meals. I am delighted that ‘ my lovely as to the way have a real break and hopefully be able to enjoy her Christmas all the more. Basically we have paid for the food and they will prepare it, which sounds like a really good idea to me.

Our carers are also getting excited about Christmas in varying degrees depending upon whether they have young or not. We have tried to be as helpful as possible and cut out some of the calls, particularly the six o’clock when I carers usually put it on the commode and yet the into my nightwear. There’s no way I’m going to fave my grandchildren’s abiding memory of their grandfather in his nightshirt., I have every intention of wearing my Edwardian velvet jacket and red spotted yellow tie which I know I look good in

I’m happy to say that I have been remembered by two or three dozen of my business colleagues who have sent me greetings by e-mail. I have no illusions, I know I am yesterday’s man. When I was in a position of power and patronage one had many friends but things move on and soon I will be on none of their Christmas lists. I have my immediate and extended family and that’s enough riches for any man in addition I do have a dozen or so local friends and in that regard I consider myself extremely fortunate.

‘My lovely’ has done her usual job at making the house look festive with green and red trimmings over the fireplace and other festive decoration. This Christmas will clearly be different from the other 47 times inasmuch as half the drawing-room is given over as my bedroom. Fortunately there are not too many of us I’m sure we can make ourselves very comfortable in the end around the log fire and we always have the breakfast room for daytime activities. I’m sure it will be fine, although different. If any of my readers are particularly interested to see how we have unwaveringly spent last 47 businesses, without deviation, read my entry for last Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

So far as the grandchildren are concerned, we are fortunate that it is ‘our turn’ to have Chloe and co this year. Heaven knows ,whether it will even be here when our turn comes around again in two years time. So it is very much a question of Carpe Diem

I finish today’s entry with a little story that reminds me of a similar incident which was reported in the local newspaper concerning the captain of one of the Hong Kong ferries who was found to have two completely separate families. One in Hong Kong and the other in the mainland, neither having an inkling about the other. Click here and see what I mean.


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