24 December 2 011 – Christmas Eve

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My lovely’ has rushing around the house getting it ready for the invasion of the young who said they expected to be here by mid-afternoon and in fact arrived about 4.30. Suddenly the house was alive with the sound of laughter and youngsters enjoying themselves., The little ones seem to have grown even since I last saw them and such joy to behold. They really are all growing into very nice little people.

Soon after they arrived they moved most of their gear into the B&B and apparently they have lovely rooms are so they will be quite happy.

The house looks very Christmassy and I spent the best part of the afternoon sitting by the log fire,(unlit until tomorrow as it was rather warm when you arrived) reading iin the drawing room or put another way, at the other end of my bedroom. I just adore the smell of a log fire so I can’t wait tomorrow so I can’t wait for tomorrow.. Our arrangements worked out perfectly well as I was able to get into the breakfast room in my ordinary wheelchair without having to go outside. ‘My lovely’ has put the Christmas tree in there, rather than where we usually have it, in the drawing-room, the end now occupied by my bed . and other bits of equipment, otherwise the other end looks pretty much as usual.

Of course, we had our usual champagne at 6.00 and then an early supper. Kimberly brought pre-cooked meal with her. I hesitate to cl it Irish view as I’m sure it has a much more sophisticated name but it was absolutely delicious. with beautifully creamy mashed potatoes and beans., cooked to perfection The pièce de résistance was the pudding A chocolate delight to die for .It had a sort of crispy chocolate base and then a thick layer of Belgium type chocolate topped with cream and raspberries.

After supper we went back into the drawing-room and played charades. With the little ones excelling themselves. In some ways it was a good thing when Becky, my carer, for the, at 9.30 call and the others were able to slip over to their B&B where they watched a little bit of television before going to bed and I was able to follow my usual arrangements pretty much around the same time. I must admit, however, I was pretty worn but very happy that we were all here for Christmas

I rang my mother and Richard today as I know I shall not be near my own telephone tomorrow but somehow will try and ring them and wish them a happy Christmas. It’s rather unfortunate really because they were going to have their Christmas dinner with my friends the Prytz”s, who sadly have both gone down with this awful bug which is going about. Richard and Nan have already had it -Nan spending 14 days in bed before her is cleared up. So ever resourceful Richard, jumped to it and when shopping for the wherewithal for a decent Christmas dinner. In the event, nice though it would have been to have had it all done for them, in many ways they will be just as happy at home in their own environment .I’m just sorry that they cannot be here with us but to get two nonagenarians to travel at this time of year is really out of the question .

I have tried to reproduce one of the better e-cards that were sent to me last year by one of my colleagues which I enjoyed very much and I hope that he will not mind me sending along to all of my readers. Unfortunately, I have been unable to extricate it from the Excel spread-sheet but you can enjoy just as much from there by clicking on the individual boxes but first click here.to open it up. Bepatient it takes a few minutes to download then click on the full button in the top right hand cornerand then  Enable Editing. Then off you go clicking on the boxes

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