25 December 2011 – CHRISTMAS DAY

Posted by DMC on 25 December 2011 in Diary |

his will be the shortest entry this year. I just want to wish my readers , all over the world a very happy and relaxed Christmas and my very best wishes for the forthcoming year.

Our Christmas will be pretty much the same as it has been over the last half-century with slightly different sleeping arrangements. If anyone is interested on how we spend a typical Christmas Day then I suggest you read last year’s Christmas entry.

I have added today an e-card I received a couple of years ago which I think sums up the right sentiment about Christmas. Basically thinking of all the millions of other people who are not as fortunate as we are ourselves. Spare a moment to think about them and then go all-out to enjoy yourself. Just click here for this sentimental Christmas card entitled Christmas blessings. Be patient it can take a few moments to download . Then click on the  Slides Show tab and then go-to the left-hand   end of the toolbar  and press ‘ From the beginning’ 

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