27 December 2011

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A day of thank you letters and tidying up.

On Christmas Eve I received e-mail from Rubin of Nuance suggesting that we have a co-browser session on either 26 or 27 December. Clearly the Americans don’t celebrate or recognise Boxing Day.

Anyway in the interests of getting this matter sorted out I agreed, after checking with Paul ‘the computer’ that we would be available at 3 p.m on 27th i.e. today. Then, this morning when I read my e-mails, I’ve found that my confirmation to Ruben had been,’ deleted without being read’, which seems very strange. Although having said that I do know another friend of every now and then if he’s going on holiday or going to be away a few days, just deletes all incoming e-mails as’ received but deleted unread’, on the principle that if they were important somebody with sender further copy. In the same batch of e-mails I heard by from Paul that he had caught a very nasty cold and knowing about my week resistance to catching cold said he would not make the meeting and hope that he would be available for a few days

Just in case, I got myself available at three o’clock for Rubin but is did not hear from him, having in the meantime pointed out that his e-mail had been deleted but I would be available if he wanted to speak to me. Alternatively, as Paul is central to this matter, as the only one who really knows what work has being carried out on the laptop, in an attempt to isolate the problem, to my mind it was essential that he be part of the co-browsing session. The long and short of this is that I have e-mailed Ruben and asked him for some alternative dates which I shall then clear with Paul, starting the whole process off again.

Apart from that, and today being a public holiday (as Christmas Day fell on a Sunday) all was quiet ,both on the e-mail and telephone front

Today, I wore my new sweater given to me by ‘my lovely’ for Christmas; my new cashmere socks and indulged myself, this afternoon, by trying out Smiler foot warmer. I was really cosy and will never have to suffer my feet feeling like blocks of ice again.

Heard from Mick today that, for some reason or other, he spent Christmas Day all alone and ‘feasted’ on two boiled eggs. This is quite ridiculous. He surrounded by family and friends one minute and then nobody thinks of inviting him to join them for Christmas which can be the loneliest day of the year. He was more than welcome to join us, as he well knows full well, particularly as he will be here in five days time, but he had already told us he was busy on Christms Day. Anyway, he assured us he was happy with his own company. Anyway, he will be with us on 3 January for three or four days and we will make a fuss of him then.

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