28 December2011

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I think I mentioned that my very old friends the Pryzt’s, kindly invited my mother and Richard to have Christmas lunch with them. Sadly they both went down with bug that is going about so ,Christmas was postponed. I believe they plan to resurrect it in a week or so before they fly off to to New Zealand to stay with my goddaughter Amanda. Anyway I rang them this morning to check out and see how they were and was glad to find that they had both recovered, Anne sounded fine and John was on the golf course, so there can’t be much wrong with him now!

Back to our usual routine today. It being Wednesday ‘Jane the sheep’ came for one of her week babysitting stint so Alice could go off shopping or whatever.

Chloe and Seb Skyped me this morning to show me Seb’s new aquarium. He’s already got it up and running with about 15 or so tiny fishes in it -all of which will apparently grow! -and one catfish, which I am assured will not eat the others .’ My lovely’ happened to come in during the Skype session and butted in to say that aquariums were a passion of hers, at Seb’s age. She offered him some weeds which he had kept all these years. (Now, that’s something new that I did not know about but I would have thought that weeds, some 65 years old might have passed their ‘sell by date – unless of course they’re plastic and even if they are, where have they been hidden all these years and why haven’t I seen them before!) Let’s face it there is hoarding and hoarding. I know I’m one of the very worst of throwing things away and I can’t think that I would have put away aquarium weeds on the off chance that they might come in handy one day! Anyway she offered to ‘fish them out’ (ha ha) for him. I am fascinated to see what she finds and, as I say, unless they are made of plastic or some other inert material, I strongly suspect they be well past it!

Having completed the less than satisfactory Skype session (Chloe and the aquarium picture were a bit fuzzy, in other words, not in focus. When I logged off I got a message on my desktop saying that my Logitech WebCam is not suitable for my operating system. What a load of nonsense, I will check it out with Paul next time he comes. If

Chloe and co. are all off to the cinema with the girls watching some gentle Disney film and Dad and the boys ,in an adjacent auditorium watching some ‘blood and guts’, James Bond/Indiana Jones type macho movie. There has long since been an argument as to whether nature or nurture effects the way our children behave. In other words ,if you bring up a little girl in the same way as you bring up the boys, dress her the same and let her join in the rough-and-tumble, she’s more likely to grow up butch. Whereas if you treated her differently from the beginning, as a more precious thing, dressing her in girly things and giving her dolls to play with, she is more likely to turn out feminine. This little illustration of one family splitting into two for the cinema is one example of how families perpetuate the myth. That is if there is a myth and personally I do not think the is.

Returning to the aquarium weeds, I think that Alice has as much chance of finding them as you have on seeing the following sights in your lifetime. Click here to see what I’m talking about.

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