10 August 2012

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Well, the Games are coming to an end. There are a few more medals to be contested for today and then we have the closing ceremony to look forward to. Sadly, then there is a fortnight or so of Paralympics. I’m sure that these Olympians can feel justifiably proud to have overcome whatever differently they suffer from and have reached the pinnacle of representing their country. Unfortunately, I believe we have had as such a wonderful coverage by the BBC that most of us, frankly have enough. I hope that I’m not reading the mood of the country wrongly and that there will be as much enthusiasm behind these Paralympic Games as were behind the normal ones.

Team GB have reason to be proud they are comfortably in the third position in the medals table and the individual stories and sacrifices that many of these Olympians made to reach this level of proficiency makes us even more proud than the cold, hard statistics of yet another medal.

I think yesterday we added a couple of silver and the same quantity of bronze to our tally of medals but for some reason, it is not the total of all medals that determines where you end up in the medals table, but the number of gold medals. (This despite’ one of the Olympians who just missed out on a gold medal, waggishly suggesting that the new gold is silver!)

Had a quick word with stepfather Richard this morning. I had tried to ring earlier and Nan had answered the telephone. Part way through the conversation she suggested that she would turn down the radio. We hung all the best part of 4/5 mins before realising that she had probably got to the radio and then forgotten why she was there with the result that we were left holding a phone at our end with no one speaking at the other end. Richard came on 5 min or so later and confirmed that this is just the sort of thing that happens all the time.

It would be quite funny under normal circumstances but it is really quite sad and desperate so for the partner left doing the caring. We all know what a Saint Richard is looking after my mother as the Alzheimer’s increases but as long as he can keep her within sight she cannot get up to too much mischief but I can see that the whole process from Richard’s point of view, is very tiring. Sadly, living so far away. There is very little we can do to help. However, with our weekly contact and with John and Anne Prytz dropping in regularly, that’s the best we can do for the time being. I know that Richard is hankering to come down for another visit. Lovely as it would be. this is a very expensive day out which we should perhaps preserve for the day when I am on my last gasp.

Although I cannot deny that I have gone downhill, as time goes by, I think my telephone voice gives people the impression that I am far worse than I sound. Nevertheless, I think we will try to get them both down here sometime in September.

My Roho cushion was returned yesterday and Richard, the area manager, responded to my call and will be with us on Monday afternoon to ‘set it up’.


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