11 August 2012

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I can scarcely believe that I am here reporting yet another drama connected to the night sitters. Around 4 AM this morning, I woke up and, after a minute or two feeling pain, I attempted to hit my alarm button. However, the carer had tucked me up so tightly that I simply could not get my arms free of the bedclothes. When I am turned from on one side to the other. I frequently asked the carer to allow me to pause for a few minutes on my back which seems to relax most of the muscles dissipating any pain that had awoken me. This was the reason why, on this occasion, I found myself on my back. Apparently I had fallen asleep during this turning process. Anyway, try as I might I could not extricate my arms to activate the alarm. After the last occasion, when the sitter was clearly asleep, evidenced by her loud snores. (See entry). the agency from whence came these sitters were so apologetic and adamant that this would never happen again, I could scarcely believe that I was once more locked in this nightmare scenario.

Unable to reach the alarm button. I had to resort to shouting for help through my respirator. As a result of MND and weakness in my diaphragm muscles I could not shout very loudly. However, I persevered, getting more anxious has the time went by until I heard’ my loveley’s voice’ asking what was going on. Thank heavens she’d heard me despite our bedroom being some distance away. When Alice had come down investigate the noise, the so-called carer appeared to be reading her book, totally oblivious of my cries for help only a yard or two away from where she sat. When Alice appeared at the bedroom door all she could see was the carer ostensibly reading her book but not responding in anyway to my cry for help. Although it was almost time to hand over, Alice took a chances and said very little to the sitter at that stage. she left making an official complaint until the agency’s office was open just after nine. Once again they were very apologetic and swore that this sitter would not be sent to us again. So what do we do, this is the third occasion this has happened in the very short time that we have engaged this agency?.

Our biggest problem is that we do not have a contract with this agency who are hired by Essex County Council and only they can take action against them. We were so grateful, when we were granted this service, we do not wish to do anything which could upset the apple cart. Having said that I’m sure that Essex County Council would like to be informed, as if anything happened to me as a result of the negligence of their contracted sitters, they who would be responsible to me.


A clutch more medals in the Olympic Games. His slightly disappointed Tom Daley, only managed a Bronze medal in the diving which you must one of our high hopes for a gold.

But then this sort of disappointment is balanced by totally surprising success in other areas, for an example, Mo Fahar’s success in winning the 5000 m race, having previously won gold in the 10,000 m. There are still hopes for medals in boxing and the marathon. In any event, Team GB’s efforts to date ensure that we have achieved the highest number of medals, in our overall tally, handsomely exceeding the number gained in all the Games since 1908.

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