14 August 2012

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I did a five a weather forecast, as promised. I have maintained, for several weeks now, that provided it was not wet or too cold, I would go. The one thing we have not anticipated was that it could be too hot. the present forecast predicts a temperature of 19°C, at 10 AM. rising to 25°C at 4 PM, the normal time for tea during the test match. So, depending on how I feel, I anticipate needing at 3,40. The general forecast for Saturday is for isolated showers and sunny spells; feeling rather warm. and I anticipate fairly high humidity. Sitting in the Wheel chair enclosure, at Lord’s, open to the sun, with no shade, might well find me with distressed breathing and having find a shady spot from time to time. At least the plans can now be confirmed.

New readers might wonder what all this fuss is about a cushion. It is one of those things that unless you have experienced it for yourself you will be hard pressed to imagine it. Basically, the cushion is necessary because I cannot shift my weight at all stop once I’m pleased on my cushion that is it until I’m hoisted off it again. Without pressure, sitting are after our day after day on the same burning you bits, the likelihood is that the patient will get pressure sores. There is no doubt having tried this cushion for some weeks that it certainly accomplishes its objective of comfort and changing the pressure as one’s body moves naturally over the cushion. This is achieved by the cushion being divided into four sectors . Each sector has 16 to 20′ fingers’ which are inflated with a hand pump. The patient is then hoisted and placed on the cushion from each sector of which, air is allowed to escape . Before I had this cushion, after a few hours would become extremely uncomfortable, this would be the first indication of the likelihood of pressure sores developing. If that did happen with me I could find myself in some difficulty. If I couldn’t sit down I would have to lie down and lying down in bed means lying on one side or another to avoid the pain. This being so, we must do everything we can to avoid this backward step.

If any other readers are interested in this cushion I suggest turning to its website (www.sumed,co,uk) for more information.

The cushion was returned today and we have agreed with Richard Walker, the area manager, that he would come and make sure that it was probably adjusted. This meant, in turn, that we had to ensure there was a carer here to hoist me up to enable me temporary cushion to be removed and the ‘ repaired’ cushion substituted. Unfortunately, when the return box was opened in time they had sent the rubber cushion back without its cover. So there was nothing we could do without it, but to arrange an appointment with Richard, in a day or two.

After all this boring stuff about cushion the reader deserves a diversion. Click here to see how the Australians would resolve the Middle East problems.

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