15 August 2012

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According to the night carer, Lillian, had the best nights sleep yet. My first task this morning was to check the five-day weather forecast, once again. The general outlook for Saturday is mostly dry with sums sunny spells. Showers in places. The temperature, at 10 o’clock is forecast at 22°C rising to 24°C and one o’clock. SoSo, all fair on weather front. This meant that I was able to ring Debbie, at Ollie’s Friendly Wheelchair Service and confirm the booking.

Thinking about the Roho cushion, and being told by Richard, the area manager, there was nothing wrong with it, I wondered if they should perhaps wave their ‘repair ‘ charge of £45. As Richard said, they merely immersed the cushion in a bath seven days and found no leakage. Therefore it can only mean that there was insufficient air in the cushion, in the first place, which led Richard, to believe that there was a leakage. I can speak to Richard first and provide is in agreement I may mention it to his superior, who came with him on the first visit and see if she believes it to be equitable that I should not pay. Apart from anything else, £45 to mend a puncture (had there been one) seems excessive. But, at the end of the day, the cost is insignificant when it comes to sitting in the chair for 12 hours a day, the comfort aspect can hardly be calculated in terms of cash.

The second big excitement today was the arrival of Tim Softly who brought with him a commode chair, very similar to the one we have been struggling with for months, except this one goes through the wet front door without any trouble and the seat can be changed in a thrice from a whole stock of seats with varying size apertures which can accommodate the smallest to the largest backsides!. So it ticks all the boxes. After months of being told that there is no such thing as a male commode or perhaps, more correctly, a flexible commode that would work for a male.

Having said please may we have one, Tim Softly then asked if we were buying it. This came as somewhat of a surprise, so we last him from whence had come instruction to visit us?. We have so many sources from whence the instruction could have come came we have to leave it to Tim to find out from whence his instruction had come from and presumably they would be in a position to place your order on our behalf. I really cannot believe that we are going to asked to pay for such a basic piece of equipment as a commode. The main thing however, was that Tim should try it cut through the red tape and get it to us. as soon as possible..

Having dealt with those immensely important pieces of equipment, the absence of which can make my day most uncomfortable, I then realised how narrow my life had become when, sitting on the lavatory or on my day chair had assumed such high priority

To bring our feet back on the ground, so to speak, click here and feel proud to be British following our success at the Olympic Games .


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