16 August 2012

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I turned to the Internet to check, once more, the weather forecast for the big day (Saturday 18th of August). The temperatures were pretty much the same as they had been on previous forecasts but the general outlook for Saturday was perhaps a cloudy start Saturday becoming bright, hot and humid.. Certainly not ideal as the humidity and heat made it difficult for me to breathe. Again, another problem is where we sit.-bottom left of the Warner Stand. Two or three years ago they converted this area, amounting to 3 rows of seats, which have occupied for the best part of 40 years, into a Wheelchair Enclosure which, as it happens, is now ideal as, when you book your seats, you can, at the same time, obtain a free Wheelchair Enclosure pass, which in effect reserves seats for you.

Well, the die is cast, it is all down to the way I manage to cope with the heat.

To come down to earth, we have a hedgehog in our garden. Somebody told me there is an old Wives Tale, which says that this is lucky. Anyway, ‘my lovely’, noticed a week or so ago, that the little fellow was feeding from the same bowls as the cats. She tried going out, and attempting to stroke him although with all those prickles stroke isn’t exactly the cleverest thing to attempt. After a few days being out there but not attempting to get too close, the hedgehog now seems to have overcome is fear of humans and happily continues feeding, however, close Alice gets to him.

In the spring, during one of those very pleasant lunches I had sitting outside The Cricketers, I saw Trevor Oliver building a giant pizza-oven. Presumably the idea is that on those warm idyllic summers evenings, you sit outside the pub enjoying whatever libation takes your fancy and at the same time enjoy one of Trevor’s pizzais. Until this last week there had scarcely been an evening when I would have been comfortable to sit outside in the evenings. Now, unfortunately, it has become uncomfortably hot. Assuming this warm weather continues and provided it becomes less humid, we shall go round and try out Trevor’s pizzas.

Finally, for those inveterate Scrabble players or crossword fiends, click here for some clever anagrams.


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