20 August 2012

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Yesterday, I asked the question, what do you give a man who has everything? To give you an idea. I mentioned one or two of the clever idea is that my family and friends came up with. From’ my lovely’ was the baby aquarium and as I sit here I can see Goldie and Wander happily swimming amongst the weeds.

Miles and Kimberly produced a bottle of English pudding wine and two bottles of English liqueurs, one made from black predators and other from what you know not except it has some ginger in it, in order to jazz up the spicy nature of the drink.

Chloe, came up with the idea that she would sit down with me and Amazons catalogue and choose some films or books together.

My dear nephew Tom brought me a beautiful picture of Arthur Mark –their youngest, whom I am proud to say carries my name – in a nice leather frame.

My other family and friends, whose present I have not mentioned, I apologise, but it does not mean that it was a new this appreciated by me. However, I should just mention Ollie and Davis present, as I mentioned earlier, it was a Syrian flaky pastry pieces soaked in honey, so similar to that which I brought back from Cyprus.

As I said earlier I do not intend to give a blow by blow description of what turned out to be one of the best Test matches yet. When it came to the fifth day when England needing 351 to win, the task looked impossible. However, as the day wore on the English team realised that a win was within the grasp and so started hitting out and narrowing the the deficit.,

This very fine test match finished abruptly with the sudden loss of England’s last three wickets when they only needed 51 to win. With a good number of overs in hand there doubt they could have won this match, smashing all the previous run chase wins , the highest being when England beat Australia in 1928 with England needed 315.The star on England’s side was Prior, with a magnificent knock keeping England’s hopes alive before he was bowled out for 70. The South African star was undoubtedly Philander’s five wickets for 30.

By virtue of this win South Africa displaced England as number one in the world rankings . For the record England lost this series 2-0.

A wonderful celebration for my 78th birthday, beautiful whethe weather,if a little too hot,  wonderful cricket and best of all, surrounded by loving family and friends.

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