21 August 2012

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Enough of birthdays. To conclude with some prose ( or is it a poem?) from that good Dr. Michael, celebrating our long friendship.


Thanks again for last Saturday, your birthday, and so much more.

Perhaps you did not see, my entry that day, in your visitor’s book.

To celebrate life and a life”.

Well that is what we were doing that day.

One more adventure – of the many we have shared together.

It is difficult to believe that the magic of our friendship began through the chance meeting of our mothers, in a London hairdresser’s more than 58 years ago.

No doubt you are aware, how Saturday brought together, many of your friends, new and old, all beneficiaries of your generous spirit.

I sensed we were all part of a team held together by a rich bond – you!

The way Lords entered into the spirit of you being with them, was extraordinary.

How Steve and his team looked after you and the others – and friends – was an example of just how that can and should be done.

I passed through Sweden and Löa last night.

Your many friends there, send their greetings and love.

Now I am in Germany with the Schneiders who pass similar warmth and sentiments. Nils, a special and young admirer sends his love. He is always asking about you.

So, our rich lives go on.

” ..The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

but I have promises to keep,

and miles to go before I sleep,

and miles to go before I sleep

Robert Frost’s lines apply to us.

Now for the next 58 and more years.

We – you and I, have been fortunate for so many things, but nothing more than our friends and friendship.


Mick XXX

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