22 August 2012

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Sleeping well. Whether this is the result of adding the second anxiety pill or not I cannot tell except that I certainly feel very wearily most of the time and I can only put this down to be slightly sedated by my medication. Also, I seem to dream more than I did previously. Last night, for instance, I had a very scary nightmare.

I’m still receiving the odd kind e-mail wishing me all the best etc for my birthday. I must admit readers from all parts of the work and reading extremely kind in sending me birthday greetings.

Having had an abundance of pleasure from watching the Olympic Games, but nevertheless being slightly relieved when they were all over-an instance of having too much of a good thing-we now had to go through the whole process again with the para-Olympics. I am ashamed to say that I cannot get very excited about this. You would think of all people I would be strongly of disabled people having their own Games. I and to the extent that I admire all these individuals who have fought back from some horrendous disability in order to participate in an international context. I am, in general, but have a great deal of difficulty swallowing the system of perhaps a disabled person with a fine physical body but has perhaps limited sight, swimming against another disabled person who may have lost a limb or one who is to all extent and purposes normal but suffers from a learning disability. However, do you handicap one against the other. I noticed that in the last Paralympics one or two competitors seem to garner a great number of medals between them, perhaps giving life to my suspicion that handicapping these brave competitors is almost an impossibility.

The torch procession has been reduced to a much more manageable level in that it is only visiting half a dozen major city locations in the UK. Maybe this is indicative of the sensible scale down of the whole process.

I do hope that my readers accept my approach over the past few days in reproducing comments from my grandchildren’s birthday greetings, or from other readers. I have included these in order to maintain the common touch, in reproducing what each and every reader might also feel. In other words, there is nothing special about me that any of my readers could not match in a response from any of the friends and colleagues..

I’m pleased to report that today and tomorrow are both quiet days. This probably sounds very ungrateful for those friends make the effort to come and see me but, the honest truth is that I find talking for any length of time, to be totally exhausting and one could hardly invite people here and then say nothing. As we have a number of visitors-mainly medically connect-, a quiet day, with no visitor, is a blessing Not only for me but also for’ my lovely’ who can go for several without having any arrest in the afternoon. These quiet days give her an opportunity to catch up. From my selfish point of view. It also gives me an hour or two of companionship which I would miss if she was out going about her business.

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