28 August 2012

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I had a problem getting up this morning. The two young girls who was sent round to shower and dress me were very competent and polite but no one simply not strong enough to allow me to relax and know I would come to no harm. Instructions from them to ‘hold on’ or ‘lean back’or ‘forwards’ were simply beyond my control and this being so I gave Harriet (head of Ross Nursing) a ring and she popped round 15 min or so later. I asked her in the would be possible to anarchy one of the few men that she employees, specifically Craig, whenever he was on duty. She fully understood the problem and pointed out that there were others in the same position as ourselves but she would see what could be arranged.

Paul’ the computer’ came for a couple of hours this afternoon whilst Alice was out shopping. Unfortunately there always seemed to me some small thing that needed attending to and by the time that is down and no time left to do the idea is about using the Camera Mouse in conjunction with Dragon. The problem we have encountered so far is that even using a point on the retinue of one of my eyes, the difficulty is to steady the movement of the mouse to the point where I wish to change a letter in a specific word. At present the mouse moves erratically around the point which we wish to make the change.

As compensation for the last two or three dreary entries,  click here for a little tale which  may appeal to those of a generation who do not venerate modern gadgets.

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