24 February 2010

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In the event, the Daily Telegraph were true to their word and reproduced precisely what we had agreed to. So hopefully that is the end of the media frenzy. As a result of that article and the previous ones appearing in the Cambridge News and the Daily Mail, my e-mail box has been red hot […]

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29 January 2010

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Richard, my web designer,  came to lunch today to instruct me on making my own entries on the blog. It all looks quite complicated but provided he gives me a line by line ‘mugs guide’ which he has kindly agreed to produce for me, I should be able to manage. As Richard was about to […]

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22 December 2009

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We are approaching Christmas and I feel I should explain why the blog is over one month in arrears. Unfortunately Richard has suffered from an unusually heavy workload compounded by a nasty bout of flu and bronchitis. He has all of the entries up to the current date and will endeavour to put them on […]

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11 July 2009

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My wretched power shower packed up a couple of days ago, but good old Derek, our plumber, will have it back in action again in a day or two. The point being that with my disability I really rely on this rather than the bath. Incidentally, I tried a bath a couple of weeks ago, […]

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29 May 2009

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Today this blog officially went live. Within minutes some people responded with very kind wishes. I have a little more tinkering to do it to get as I envisaged it but on the whole I’m quite pleased with the way it is has turned out.


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