26 September 2009

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With the Irish commitment out-of-the-way my thoughts have begun towards the lectures in China and wondering how well I will manage even with the good doctor’s support – certainly, there will be no liquid lunches on those three days! I suppose I started thinking about this as I sat, in a deckchair, in the warm […]

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4 September 2009

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Today a courier arrived with an oximeter for me to use in preparation for my visit to Papworth Hospital next Monday. I believe that they are testing for any possible weakening in my diaphragm which will ultimately affect my breathing. All I have to do is to wear a clip,  overnight, on my forefinger, attached […]

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11 July 2009

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My wretched power shower packed up a couple of days ago, but good old Derek, our plumber, will have it back in action again in a day or two. The point being that with my disability I really rely on this rather than the bath. Incidentally, I tried a bath a couple of weeks ago, […]

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