10 September 2009

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My quarterly assessments with me MND team at  Addenbrookes today. A little earlier than usual in order to clear me medically to go to China. However, I made it clear that whatever they said I would still  be going. In the event, I got the all clear to fly – no likely breathing problems.  The overall prognosis was not too bad. Although Dr. Alan could not rule out flailing arm syndrome neither could he be certain, at this stage, that that would happen to me.

It is quite possible that the deterioration of my hands and arms could plateau out, although personally I feel they get worse week on week.

I drew attention to the strong fasciculations in my legs which never seemed to cease but after examination the good doctor was not concerned and said that they could go on twitching for years — frankly he admitted that he could not predict, if and when, I would begin to lose the use of them.

An  open-air lunch at the Great Duxford antique centre with the Gordons.

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