China and Thailand – Carer’s Comments

Posted by DMC on 11 November 2009 in Anecdotes |

Now the carer’s point of version of the same trip CATO Mark The life of his Carer in China and Thailand. October 20- November 5 2009 Hi all, I have now taken full control of his bottom. I cannot go through another episode like the one at Dubai airport. His bowels are now regular. In […]

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China and Thailand

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20 October 2009 Not a very auspicious start to our journey when the limousine driver couldn’t find the house. However, having persuaded Emirates to pick us up at six o’clock rather than 7.15, in the event, this did not turn out to be a disaster. I cannot imagine how, or why Emirates would have suggested […]

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5 November 2009

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After a good  night’s sleep, Mick and  I spent the day in my office beginning to catch up with more e-mails,  thank you e-mails to all those wonderful people who had been so kind to us on our visit etc. neither of us being prepared to recognise that there is anything approaching jet lag.  However […]

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3 November 2009

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This was our penultimate day and the first which was not wall-to-wall sunshine. There had been a terrific storm last night and there was vegetation debris everywhere. We had been so lucky last evening with the Loy Festival dinner which had been held outside and would have been completely ruined had there been a storm. […]

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20 October 2009

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As we were not due to leave for the airport until late afternoon I took the good doctor to the golf club to join the geriatric walk round and lunch. He is still working quite hard so I am sure that the exercise did him some good. We had a good blow which set us […]

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17 October 2009

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My good friend Dr. Michael Long arrived today from Australia to act as my ‘carer’ and companion for the trip to China and Thailand. We celebrated as usual with our evening bottle of champagne.

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7 October 2009

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This evening I finished another long Chinese novel – The Brothers by Yu Hua – a strange story apparently shortlisted for the 2008 Man Asian Literary Prize. Described on the dust cover as a highly spirited comedy of society running amok in modern China, which follows two brothers riding the dizzying rollercoaster of life in […]

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26 September 2009

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With the Irish commitment out-of-the-way my thoughts have begun towards the lectures in China and wondering how well I will manage even with the good doctor’s support – certainly, there will be no liquid lunches on those three days! I suppose I started thinking about this as I sat, in a deckchair, in the warm […]

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10 September 2009

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My quarterly assessments with me MND team at  Addenbrookes today. A little earlier than usual in order to clear me medically to go to China. However, I made it clear that whatever they said I would still  be going. In the event, I got the all clear to fly – no likely breathing problems.  The […]

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1 September 2009

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I went to London today to the Law Court Branch of the Arbitration Club Lunch.  I drove to Bishop’s Stortford but on the way decided to fill up with petrol.  Unable to lift the lever releasing the petrol cap and also being too weak to squeeze the pump, I asked a kindly looking  customer for […]

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