16 September 2009

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This evening, my lovely and I went to the Fenwick Elliott Garden Party on the roof of Derry & Toms. in the High Street Kensington.

It really is a very beautiful garden which brought to mind  the Hanging Gardens of Babylon which I imagine could have been similar. I was fortunate enough to visit Babylon in 1959 when I was working briefly in Iraq.  Of course, the gardens themselves no longer exist but at least I was able to see where they were supposed to have been.

I was extremely fortunate  in being able to walk down the recently excavated main street of Babylon, with its relief lions on the high flanking brick walls, where Nebuchadnezzar rode down in triumph, in the 12th century B.C,. having defeated the Assyrians.  I was practically alone, as it was long before this became one of the great tourist sites in the world.  An awe inspiring experience.

Fenwick Elliott’s, as usual, gave  great party with wonderful food but the venue was rather spoilt by a high chilly wind – so much for our Indian Summer! Sadly, this proved to be the first occasion when I found it almost impossible to get the spoon, in my right hand, up to my mouth without assistance from the other hand.  Just evidence of a continuing weakening.  Unless I can devise some portable adjustable support system I may have to start restricting my public eating appearances.

I have not given up on my feeding frame and have a number of leads which I’m currently pursuing to have it manufactured, marketed and distributed, However, where I originally thought it that this would be portable I have subsequently decided that that is simply not practicable, so I will have to think of something else for the occasional meal out.


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