12 October 2009

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Gavin from Able2 – such a kind helpful young man – called in today to adjust the articulated arm support which I use when I’m eating. It elevates my hand to my mouth which makes the whole process of eating less stressful. This arm support is, of course, an alternative to my own feeding frame. The difference being that its cost is, I am told, around £800 ( but provided free to me by the NHS) against, what I hope will be a cost of no more than £200 if the feeding frame ever gets into full production. I am pursuing a very interesting line of inquiry at present, in connection with the furtherance of my ideas, but cannot disclose a name until I have something positive to report.

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  • Jo says:

    Just wanted to say hello and that i will be reading your blog regularly. As a second year occupational therapy student, a relatively mature one at 35, i find your pages fascinating. I am researching MND in readiness for a presentation on OT intervention with people with the diagnosis.
    This particular entry also struck a cord. COST. Equipment to assist in everyday activities can be so very expensive i therefore hope your secret mission and furthering of your ideas, if i have read this correctly, happens.


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