20 October 2009

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As we were not due to leave for the airport until late afternoon I took the good doctor to the golf club to join the geriatric walk round and lunch. He is still working quite hard so I am sure that the exercise did him some good.

We had a good blow which set us up for the long flight ahead followed by a hearty lunch of liver and bacon. I think this is the third time that Michael has been to the club and so many of the old members remembered him. which was very nice – he felt at home.

We left at 6.00 pm for a 22.15 flight to Beijing via Dubai. Emirates very kindly sent a limousine to pick us up and dump us at Heathrow. All part of the service.

This blog will now go into hibernation for three weeks or so as without voice activation it may not be possible for me to keep up the entries. However, in order to keep my loyal readership happy in my absence I have added another extract from my Autobiographical Notes, a new anecdote Treading the Boards at Sadler’s Wells; and a second anecdote Global Warming — Fact or Myth — an Aussie View. I have included this anecdote and I know it is controversial but is very topical. I express no view of my own but I think the reader will find the subject matter of this denial of the problem, at least thought-provoking. This was the e-mail comment which introduced it:

A technically-oriented presentation by Australian scientists that refutes the global warming zealots’ disingenuous efforts to impose drastic measures that would ruin Australia’s economy. This is what the passage of the cap and trade legislation could do to permanently cripple our U.S. economy.

In addition I will have added a video clip The Singing Dog which is a must for anyone feeling low and two new jokes: My Family – which again I think is very funny and I pray it does not give offence to my Muslim friends – and Two Old Gentlemen which I suppose could be considered a little risqué but then we mustn’t take life too seriously.

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