12 December 2011

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As another week has gone by with no telephone call from either the Trading Standards people or the Dragon technician, I thought I would chase up Trading Standards who are meant to be chasing up the Dragon people. . Christmas is upon us and there is little time left to resolve this matter before the festive season begins. Chris. Missen, the member of staff who was delegated to deal with this formal complaint against Dragon referred, me to a conversation I’d had with his supervising officer, which in effect, apparently meant, in government speak, that there was nothing more that they could do. (What, if anything, have they done?) Mr Nissen acknowledged that the Trading Standards office had no teeth and could only draw attention to the complaint and hoped, that this official intervention would have been sufficient to concern the Dragon people to try to resolve this matter. I can just imagine the corporate management of this international company quaking in their boots upon receiving this official complaint

So far as this supervisor informing me that ‘nothing more they can do’ I am totally unaware what they have done and seen no e-mails, no correspondence of any sort, had no report from Trading Standards and therefore have not the faintest idea what they had done. It seems to me to have a government backed organisation which has a supervisory role and no teeth is as useful as a chocolate teapot and if Mr Cameron is looking for savings then the Trading Standards Office must be a prime target

As I seem to have come to the end of the line with the Trading Standards office I had no alternative but to telephone Dragon the senior technician, Ruben, and ask where we are in this matter which has now gone on for a long over six months. Ruben denied receiving a copy of a reply to one of his e-mails sent to me on 22 November. I was able to forward a copy of my reply to the hand. As they do not have a ‘read receipt’ set up on their inbox I asked him to be good enough to acknowledge receipt by giving me a ring.

As is quite common with Ruben I heard nothing. However, during our earlier telephone conversation I had suggested that the only way that they were ever going to get to the bottom of this problem was to send one of their technicians to sit with me at my computer and see all the problems for himself. Rubin said that they did not normally provide such a service but I have left it to him to think about.

As it took me four hours to do yesterday’s entry, due to Dragon breaking down every few words, I’m keeping this one short and sweet and will report back later on my progress with Dragon.

I had some difficulty in deciding what excitement to add to today’s entry so click here and see what I selected which I think reflects the times we live in.


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