China and Thailand

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20 October 2009 Not a very auspicious start to our journey when the limousine driver couldn’t find the house. However, having persuaded Emirates to pick us up at six o’clock rather than 7.15, in the event, this did not turn out to be a disaster. I cannot imagine how, or why Emirates would have suggested […]

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Treading the Boards at Sadler’s Wells

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When I was 19 I shared digs, in Gloucester Road, London with two medical students from Guys Hospital. One day, when they are deeply swotting for an examination, I was asked if I would stand in, for one of them, at Sadler’s Well, Rosebery Ave, East London (since moved to the London Coliseum) the home […]



World Monopoly Champion

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I will recount how became the first joint world Monopoly champion in 1977. Messrs. Waddington – the producers of Monopoly – and the Financial Times got together and  threw out a challenge to find the world Monopoly champion. In fact it was the first joint world champions as one of the rules laid down was […]


The Cricket Match

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The first time I personally experienced leather on willow was on October 25, 2003 on the former military parade ground, Fort Malabar, Cochin, India – the first such match to be played on this ground since 1947 – that is Europeans against the local Indian team, the Cochin Cricket Club, dubbed by us for this […]


New Year’s Eve

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As a young man I always treated New Year’s Eve as a special event. As a student I used to attend the biggest celebration of all in London, the Chelsea Arts Ball. This was an enormous event and one which was great fun. I always chummed up with a few other people to create some […]

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Jamie Oliver – Eat Your Heart Out

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I have always had a penchant for all things culinary so when I returned home from a summer holiday to find our plum trees groaning with fruit and then happened to come across our ancient horde of Kilner jars, it is not surprising that I embarked on the following adventure. How I lost my Bottle […]


Rugger Days

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I should perhaps explain what I alluded to about me being a sickly youth. An obvious target for the school bully. My saving grace was that I was brighter than most of the thugs who set about me, to my further detriment, as their fists rained down, I never let them forget it! The problem […]


Links Index

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Rugger Days Jamie Oliver -Eat Your Heart Out New Year’s Eve The Cricket Match World Monopoly Champion Treading the Boards at Sadler’s Wells China And Thailand Mark Cato – the life of his carer in China and Thailand, October 20-November 5, 2009 The Top 10 of Everything Bananas Old Farmer’s Advice Astronomers Select Top 10 […]

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