30 October 2010

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The journey home went as smooth as silk. I drive from Hua Hin to the airport, transfers to various wheelchairs, whizzing through the diplomatic channels for security and passport control, making our connection from Dubai to London after a brief visit to duty-free and then a very comfortable limousine ride home – courtesy of Emirates […]

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17 October 2010

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So we left in a smart limousine, provided by Emirates, just after 5.00 p.m., and, despite the usual roadworks on the M25, arrived at Heathrow in record time. It took a little longer than usual to unload the car and transfer into a wheelchair but once that was accomplished we swept through all the usual […]

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China and Thailand

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20 October 2009 Not a very auspicious start to our journey when the limousine driver couldn’t find the house. However, having persuaded Emirates to pick us up at six o’clock rather than 7.15, in the event, this did not turn out to be a disaster. I cannot imagine how, or why Emirates would have suggested […]

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