20 October 2012

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A quiet weekend, no pressure. A chance for me to find something on TV that will allow ‘my lovely’ to catch up on some of her missed sleep. My first day on Beta blockers so I was quite anxious to see if any of the range of adverse side effects afflicted me or whether the […]


18 October 2012

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Paul’ the computer’ came after lunch today to relieve ’my lovely’. As we are pretty well up-to-date in tweaking the computer Paul and I sat back and jointly enjoyed my daughter Chloe’s birthday present to me, a boxed set of DVDs covering the Hornblower series. Life under the sail at the end of the 18th […]


17 October 2012 -3 MILLIONETH HIT

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When I was being shaved this morning, by Craig, my key carer, he politely enquired what arrangements had I made to have the hair in my ears trimmed. The short answer is I have no such arrangement. Before I was struck down with MND I attended to such things myself with a special razor which […]


16 October 2012

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I’m sorry to report that I have nothing more exciting to record than the fact that I had a visit from Althea, the lady who cuts and files my hand and feet nails. So far as my physical condition manifests itself I can honestly say that my breathing has improved. The tightness in my chest […]


15 October 2012

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Another week, but one based on the old time of 2 ½ hours, from outside carers, per day. I can understand that it might take a few days shuttling people about in order to add the precious extra hour, we have recently been awarded and adjusting our times so as we get the full benefit […]


14 October 2012

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In the recent exchange of emails with the good Dr Michael, in Australia, it would appear that although he is ready and willing to come and spend a week or so with us in November, that is, subject to how his son Tom is getting on at the time. He is part way through the […]


13 October 2012

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Today turned out to be a pretty good one. The new morning regime is settling in. Whereas previously I would almost be woken up by ‘my lovely’ at 6.30, now I wait for the carers to come in at 7.30. Previously ‘my lovely’ prior to the carers coming in, had exercised my legs; given me […]


12 October 2012

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I’m glad to say that my voice has strengthened again, from a whisper to a normal level of speech. Well, that’s not quite true. It sounds like me but with a sore throat, as if I had been lecturing too hard or recovering from a nasty cold. It seemed ridiculous to me that with everything […]


11 October 2012

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Craig and Paula P came on the second of the new regime and like the first morning call it went like clockwork and was accomplished in 55 minutes. I was pleased to be able to hand over an envelope containing cheques etc which I believe added up to something in the order of £200. Although […]


10 October 2012

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Smiler left mid-morning after giving me a shave (a first for him) but an operation we still have to work into our daily routine. He confided in me, from the sanctity of the barber’s chair, that he had been advised not to go on holiday in April as my condition was worsening and his informant […]

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