1 September 2009

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I went to London today to the Law Court Branch of the Arbitration Club Lunch.  I drove to Bishop’s Stortford but on the way decided to fill up with petrol.  Unable to lift the lever releasing the petrol cap and also being too weak to squeeze the pump, I asked a kindly looking  customer for assistance when he had finished filling his own tank.  Unfortunately, between the time of asking and his coming to assist I had managed to topple over backwards so, in fact, I had disappeared from his sight from the other side of my car.  Fortunately for me he decided to investigate and found me lying prone.  This is the  fourth time this has happened so I suppose it must be something to do with loss of balance or weakness of legs which I must mention to the MND team when I see them next week.  After this kind gentleman had helped me up and filled up my tank, on the way out I got him to push in my safety belt and turn the ignition key – both of which I find now almost impossible to do myself.  By this stage he looked rather quizzical. I’m sure he was wondering whether I should be allowed on the road at all (or whether he was even on Candid Camera) however, I  assured him that once I was on the move I was quite safe.  I’m not sure that he really believed me.

At the Arbitration Club lunch one of the lady members was only too happy to fit my wrists supports and to cut up my food.  On the whole I find most people are immensely helpful provided they are approached in the right manner.

I also took advantage of this trip to London to go into the Chinese Embassy to apply for my visa. What a performance.  There was no way that I could get it in one day and therefore have to get back next week to pick it up, at the exorbitant cost of £64.50p.

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